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Chris Salazar, Military Minded G, Adr0, X and jd, Big Body, Matthew Reid, SmashBrothaz, EZ Money, Kaido Dre, Beezy & LA Keith, L Fresh & Shauna B, Sean Lexima, Ray Bandz, Cwat, Nicco Flare, DreSean, Chance, Neicy Redd Da Gawdess

Jul 09 Sun

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:30 pm

The Greenroom at Warehouse Live

$15 at the door

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This event is all ages

All Ages & Bar w/ID
START - 6:30 PM
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*Online Tix w/Early Purchase Promo Code Only $9
Door Price: $15.00

Afton Live
Afton Live
Afton produces concerts and provides online resources to help artists succeed. We do this because we are artists and we were forced to provide these solutions for ourselves. Our company was founded in 2004 to book shows for bands that our staff members were playing in at the time.

Starting out, we produced events for our bands and a select group of artists we were friends with. Eventually we resolved to provide show opportunities to thousands of artists across the country, rather than continuing to focus on just ourselves. We now count it a privilege to be able to offer our services to thousands of acts nationwide, for free! We work hard to provide artists the experience they deserve, and we believe we are currently better than anyone at producing local, all- ages events on a nationwide scale.

No matter how good your songwriting, musicianship, execution, and stage presence, the club you want to play at may not book you. This is the harsh reality. Commonly, clubs are understaffed and tend to focus their booking resources on national acts and larger tours. In fact, they will often ask artists to not even follow up about a booking submission for several weeks.

Afton specializes in supplementing what clubs are already doing, by opening up opportunities for artists that the club's booking staff cannot logistically accommodate. What we offer to local artists is not just easier or more convenient for them; in most cases, it is a necessity. We pour energy into the artists we choose to work with, because most clubs are simply not in a position to do so themselves.

When an artist is not getting as many quality shows as they want, it's usually due to lack of "connections", not lack of quality or value in what they've created. This is the gap that Afton fills. We hated being on the outside of an often very exclusive industry. That's why we want to be your connection to the inside.

Afton exists to help artists achieve their own definition of success. We encourage artists to determine what they want to accomplish and how they plan to achieve it. Once an artist has defined where they want to be and has concluded that our shows support their plan to get there, we are happy to contribute to their success by booking them for Afton events.While each artist develops their own unique plan to reach their goals, most plans involve playing well attended, all-ages events at legitimate music venues. Artists generally find that Afton shows offer the opportunity to take a big step forward toward success, success as they have defined it.

We cannot book every act that approaches us, but we do give each artist careful consideration. Regardless of who we end up booking, we are determined to provide all artists with practical resources for achieving the success they deserve. Afton wants to see each artist achieve their definition of success, and whether through our live opportunities or online resources, we strive to help as many artists as we can.
Military Minded G
Military Minded G
Military Minded G (member of F.T.G. Full Time Grindaz/Faith Through God), birth name Matthew Chase Matta, was born October, 9th 1991 in the Southwest area of Houston, TX in the town of Stafford. Matthew, more popularly known as Military Minded G, started writing his own raps at about the age of 9 and started officially making his own music at the age of 13. His love of music began at an early age watching his older brother Jessie, at the time a member of Tru Soldiers (now Boss Click), make music of his own. It wasn't until his brother's incarceration when Matthew began to drift away from school & sports & got involved with the wrong crowd, but due to that happening caused Matthew to write about his life in his music. Today Matthew is trying his best to continue to make music that can not only benefit those who don't know the truth, but those who do as well! He has an extensive selection of music, 35 released projects & counting. Some of his hits reach over millions of downloads since 2004 he has been his own recording artist, producer, engineer, graphic designer, etc. Military Minded G is currently now signed with Bentley Records an independent international record label who is helping take his music worldwide! & with the Grace of God Military Minded G only has high hopes for his career!
Venue Information:
The Greenroom at Warehouse Live
813 Saint Emanuel Street
Houston, TX, 77003