Barb Wire Dolls, Svetlanas, 57, The Guillotines

Warehouse Live Presents

Barb Wire Dolls



The Guillotines

Nov 16 Thu

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Greenroom at Warehouse Live

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Barb Wire Dolls
Barb Wire Dolls
"Barb Wire Dolls are the most explosive and exciting new punk band I've seen in decades! They are gonna change the face of music and save rock and roll as we know it!" - Mickey Leigh/brother of Joey Ramone

Barb Wire Dolls are one of the most vital new bands in music today, representing all that is inspiring and furious about rock and roll. Hailing from an artist commune on the island of Crete, the band sold everything they owned and left crisis-ridden Greece in 2010 for Los Angeles, at the invite of legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. Upon their arrival in California, Barb Wire Dolls immediately sold out the world famous Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, boasting a live show that is second to none. The band has gone on to melt ears & hearts on 700 stages across 22 countries in just under five years - consistently selling out club dates in America, the UK and Europe.

"Barb Wire Dolls are pure, raw, in-your-face energy; their live performance was nothing short of amazing." - Portland Music

Electrifying rock of this magnitude did not go unnoticed by the elder statesman of the Sunset Strip, the incomparable, irreplaceable Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. After seeing Barb Wire Dolls live, Lemmy took an immediate interest in the band and placed them under his supportive wing. Ever since his early days, hanging with the likes of Sid Vicious and other punk icons, Mr. Kilmister loved punk rock, having even once penned a track entitled ‘R.A.M.O.N.E.S’ about his close friend Joey Ramone. Disgusted with the current state of rock music and its lack of true rebels, Lemmy saw that the Dolls were the obvious choice to help carry the torch of rock and roll as part of his label, Motörhead Music.

“If you were bummed that you missed out on the Sex Pistols and Black Flag because you were only one, or not even born yet, here’s your chance to catch one of the best bands playing that style today. From their music to their attitude, Barb Wire Dolls embody that same spirit of the late ‘70s punk scene.” - Washington Times

Recorded at Sonic Ranch (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ministry, Gogol Bordello) and NRG (Motörhead, Foo Fighters, No Doubt) studios, Barb Wire Doll’s sophomore album Desperate was produced and mixed by Grammy award-winning producer Jay Baumgardner (Bush, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil) and mastered by Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Howie Weinberg (Nirvana's Nevermind, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Magik, U2's Pop). The ten song album contains gripping rock tracks, empowering anthems, and hard-edged thrashers, all performed with the classic punk rock energy the band has become internationally known for. As members of Motörhead Music, Barb Wire Dolls are represented by Lemmy’s long-time manager Todd Singerman, Motörhead's booking agents, and parent label UDR/Warner Music Group. Desperate’s release through Motörhead Music serves as an edgy, thrilling first chapter in the life of a label whose mission is to present the most fiery new bands in rock and roll.

“Barb Wire Dolls are the new face of Punk. The Dolls deliver real authentic punk rock with 70’s CBGB style swagger with an oversexed frontwoman who makes Debbie Harry in her 70’s prime look downright homely, while singing like Patti Smith channeling Johnny Rotten.”- Music Entertainment

Fronted by the whip-smart vocal and fashion icon Isis Queen (named after the Greek Goddess herself), Barb Wire Dolls intelligently weave sub-genres of punk, grunge, and metal, producing an urgent sound that is truly unique. The group's dynamic musicianship is blasted forth by former pro surfer & skateboarder Pyn Doll on lead guitar, Krash Doll on drums, Iriel Blaque on bass, and Remmington on rhythm guitar. In 2012, the band encamped themselves in Nirvana noise-guru Steve Albini's recording studio to produce their debut, Slit, over the span of just two days. Garnering critical acclaim and comparisons to the likes of Nirvana, Blondie, and the Ramones, Slit and its chart-topping lead single 'Revolution' powered the band to almighty festival headliner status (shredding fest-stages atop 12 countries), while simultaneously gracing the covers of 15 magazines. Few female-fronted punk bands in history have made a more immediate and tangible impact on their contemporary musical landscape.

"Barb Wire Dolls have emerged as the new voice of real punk rock with their mesmerizing, spellbinding exhibition of attitude-laden, high-octane punk rock." - Metal Assault
Russia's SVETLANAS, the "most dangerous band in the world", are the best hard driving, down and dirty punk rock hardcore band around nowadays. Svetlanas have toured extensively across America and Europe and have played Vans Warped Tour, Rebellion and numerous other festivals around the world. Their 4th full length "This is Moscow Not LA" is going to be released this June 2nd via Rad Girlfriend Records (USA).

Their upcoming album was recorded at Josh Homme's (Queens Of The Stone Age) studio right after Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Mondo Generator, The Dwarves, Bloodclot) officially joined the lineup.

"Olga has quite an unusual voice, kind of like an angry cornered mongoose"
-Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy's legendary singer)

"Their music will be listened to by 40 millions of Americans."
-Gene Simmons (KISS)

"Olga Svetlanas is Henry Rollins in female form."
-Punk in Vegas

"If you don't know the SVETLANAS you definitely have a problem."
-Rikk Agnew (Social Distortion/Adolescents)
57 is a mesmerizing grungy indie-rock duo from Seoul, South Korea featuring guitarist Jun and female drummer Snow. Hailed as the hottest new band out of South Korea, they've toured extensively and multiple times across the U.K. and Europe, performing at numerous music festivals since releasing their critically acclaimed self-titled debut EP "57".

“Charged with a ferocious amount of energy, South Korean pair 57 are renowned for their supercharged live shows. Thunderous and neck breaking!" -Get Into This

57 are currently working on their eagerly anticipated first full-length album, which is due to be released at the end of 2017 with a 40 date North American tour to follow.
The Guillotines
The Guillotines
Punk rock band from Conroe, TX, U.S.A.
"Although hailing from Houston, TX, The Guillotines has it's roots in the underbelly of the legendary '70's Cleveland and New York punk scenes.
Founded by the infamous Robert Conn on guitar, (The Pagans, AK-47's, The Plague, and Defnics ) with co-founder and wife, Jewels on bass, their only goal was to play the real, gritty, full throttle punk rock that they helped create back in the 70's in Cleveland/NYC.
The band, since it's inception have shared and destroyed stages with many of their punk vet friends like The Vibrators, The Meatmen, Angry Samoans, Texas Terri Bomb, just to name a few.
The band is rounded out by Curtis w. De Gidio (The Velostacks) on #2 lead guitar and vocals, Glenn Gilbert (Vanity Crimes)on lead guitar and Stevie Rider on drums.
Their sound is pure and the attitude is fierce. Rock n roll is back with a fury!! Enjoy!"
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The Greenroom at Warehouse Live
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