TSCR United Tour 2017: Live Like Glass, Etienne Sin

The Sin Circle Records Presents

TSCR United Tour 2017: Live Like Glass, Etienne Sin

Desdemona, Four Letter Language, Killing the Stereo

Jun 16 Fri

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

The Greenroom at Warehouse Live

$15 ADV GA, $20 DAY OF

This event is all ages

Etienne Sin
Etienne Sin
What's up, I'm Etienne Sin, aKa, SINNA! I'm a new breed of rockstar representing The Sin Circle Brand.

I run The Sin Circle Records, a label focused on independent music. I also run Sin Studios as a producer that helps signed and unsigned musicians get their music and visuals completed. And finally, I've got a clothing line called Sin Circle Apparel, which just has all of our dope merch!

Finally, I'm about this music, working on popularizing "Heavy Trap" music, a style that infuses the attitudes of modern Hip-Hop and Metal! You can find me doing music 24/7, 365!
Live Like Glass
Live Like Glass
Two years in to this crazy adventure, Live Like Glass is a new species continuing to adapt. Although they have been compared to many artists they have a sound truly unique to it's own.
The band's new EP, Always Unrequited, is but a small but powerful milestone in this young band's journey.

"Being who we are has always been a big thing for us. We've always try to put our all into everything we do. I always feel like that gets twisted. Mostly because of how we went about representing ourselves. It's always "Hey! You copied this band!" or "You stole your sound from this and that and look like this!"
Just really superficial observations. I feel like we bring so much more to the table than just our dashing good looks. (Sarcasm.)
We are a very strong band. Our fans are proof to that. We have some very dedicated fans, I think. We would never want to let them down. We couldn't.
A lot of bands seem to hate us. I think they are just feeling threatened, and you know what? They should feel that way if they can't handle our relatively new blood in the scene. Now I'm not saying we are the best band in the world. Far from it. I do however think we are a "force to be reckoned with" so to speak. For one reason. We aren't backing down. We are pushing through, and our EP shows that. Our next album will show it."

To record Always Unrequited, the band traveled to Nourthport, New York with Etienne Sin (Jordan Blake, Telle Smith, Michael Jagmin). The outcome was almost nothing short of a compilation of horror themed stories that together tell a story of their own. The album cover, Illustrated by Danny Lead Vocalist of Live Like Glass, shows an almost alien-like terrain/atmosphere with a hand constructed of vines reaching out to the skyline. The vivid colors and dark theme helps build the foundation to the Ep's slasher/paranormal theme.

2014 is not yet over for these "newcomers." You can expect announcements of incredible things in the works. (Tours, etc.)

"This is going to be a crazy and exciting year for us. Always Unrequited was just the beginning just you wait to see what we have in store! We are evolving, learning, and changing. We will always be us. Just better. We're so stoked for this and that you(fans) can be a part of this amazing experience. Let's take over!"
Desdamona is an international award-winning artist; who has taken her distinct lyrics, sounds, and artistic stylings to audiences from Minnesota to Hawaii to Puerto Rico to Germany; gracing some of Hip Hop and poetry's most illustrious stages.
Desdamona has had the pleasure of opening up for distinguished artists including Wyclef Jean, GURU, Bahamadia, Zap Mama, Black Uhuru/Sly & Robbie, Saul Williams, Ursula Rucker, KRS ONE and Rhymesayers artists. She has also shared the stage with influential Hip Hop artists including Canada's Eternia, Medusa and Bgirl Rockafella.

Desdamona has worked in over 200 schools throughout the Midwest, conducting workshops and as artist in residence, working with more than 10,000 students in public, private and alternative schools as well as colleges and universities. She has also worked in residencies and workshops in Stillwater Prison, Shakopee Prison, Red Wing Juvenile Facility and the Juvenile Detention Center in Minneapolis MN.

Desdamona is one of the founders of B Girl Be, the first international festival, which celebrates women in Hip Hop. She was a featured performer at the We B*Girlz Festival in Berlin, Germany (2008), the SheRock Festival (2008), and was a Minnesota Music Awards featured performer (2005). Desdamona was also awarded Best Spoken Word Artist from the MN Music Awards five consecutive years. Desdamona was a featured artist on the SummerJam Tour (2007) with legendary, Grammy Award winning artists Sly & Robbie. She and beatbox partner Carnage (as Ill Chemistry) also headlined The 2nd Nature Tour (2008).

Desdamona released her first formal product, The Ledge, in 2005. With production from Sly & Robbie, the project was well received and combined Des's potent poetry and fierce hip hop delivery with a mix of heavy, world-influenced beats. The Ledge also introduced Desdamona's fans to her singing, including the hooks and full songs on the album. In 2007, Desdamona released The Source. This project was recorded more organically, with all live instrumentation. The Source offered a whole new feel to Desdamona's sound, while her lyrics and delivery were as powerful as ever. The Source was a success with fans as well as college radio; ranking as high as number 10 on the Hip Hop charts.
Four Letter Language
Four Letter Language
Killing the Stereo
Killing the Stereo
We are "Killing the Stereo" and we consist of five close friends who live in Houston, Texas who love making music.
Band members:
Angel Gabriel: Bass
Mr.E: Keyboard
Venus: Guitar
Jetta Stone: Percussion
Ariel Anthony: Vox, Guitar, Samples
Venue Information:
The Greenroom at Warehouse Live
813 Saint Emanuel Street
Houston, TX, 77003