Aliens vs HOUmans: Interactive art Show!

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Aliens vs HOUmans: Interactive art Show!

BALLROOM STAGE (SET TIMES), Skeez181, DJ Shanté, Bass Reeves, Satin Hooks, In The Low, Pitter Patter, DenMother, Metanoia, VENDOR'S ROOM (SET TIMES), DJ Fredster, Christopher Valdes, Rod Hogan, SOJNC, Shoozner, D.I.N., Ashley Bowens, Gabe Bravo, Ms. Yet

Sep 24 Sun

Doors: 4:00 pm / Show: 4:00 pm

The Ballroom at Warehouse Live

$5 ADV, $10 DAY OF

This event is all ages

A night of music and art vendors! We urge you to come out and experience this alien take over! HOUmans! We need your help!

Be sure to bring your friends and loved ones, to defend our city of #Houston because your about to get the show of a life time!

Alien Cosplay  Alien Cosplay

**** We strongly encourage you to come as your weirdest self wether it be in costume or not. Weirdest person wins art and cool Merch. 😉 ******

(From 8pm-12am)

*Boombox Taco Truck*

(set times)

Kit Likwid 6:30pm-7:30

In The Low 7:45pm-8:15pm

Sojnc 8:35-9:05pm

Bass Reeves 9:25-9:55pm

Pitter Patter 11:05-11:45pm

Den Mother 12:05-12:45am

Metanoia 1:00-2:00am-ish

Aliens vs HOUmans
Aliens vs HOUmans
Skeez181 - (Set time: 4:30 PM)
DJ Shanté - (Set time: 5:20 PM)
Bass Reeves - (Set time: 6:20 PM)
Satin Hooks - (Set time: 7:15 PM)
In The Low - (Set time: 8:10 PM)
Pitter Patter - (Set time: 9:05 PM)
DenMother - (Set time: 10:05 PM)
Metanoia - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
DJ Fredster - (Set time: 4:00 PM)
Christopher Valdes - (Set time: 4:45 PM)
Rod Hogan - (Set time: 5:50 PM)
SOJNC - (Set time: 6:50 PM)
Shoozner - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
D.I.N. - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Ashley Bowens - (Set time: 10:40 PM)
Gabe Bravo - (Set time: 10:45 PM)
Ms. Yet - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
Venue Information:
The Ballroom at Warehouse Live
813 Saint Emanuel Street
Houston, TX, 77003